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Inexpensive Wedding Flowers and Flower Girl Carriage in Brooklyn, NY or NYC?

Hey wanted to possibly make my own wedding centerpieces for the reception but wanted to get flowers for the church and bridal party. Anyone know any inexpensive places in NYC or easy DIY ideas for bouquets, etc? Trying to cut costs anyway I can.
Also looking to rent a Flower Girl Carriage but only places I’ve found online are not in the area, anyone have one to rent or can suggest a place?

Not sure about the Flower Girl Carriage, but for the wedding flowers, I would check out Costco. They have an online floral shop, GREAT prices on bulk flowers, and free delivery. I ordered all my corsages/boutonnieres from them, as well as the bulk roses to make my bridesmaid bouquets.

Wedding Flowers & Floral Arrangements : How to Make a Crystal Bead Bridal Bouquet

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