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Wedding decoration packages?

Black and white wedding.
Don’t exactly know how to decorate for it.
Anyone know of a site that sells decoration packages?
That would probably be a lot of help.

I don’t know of a site. However, you can do white flowers at the ceremony. I’d have all white ribbons, bows, etc. (no black) The dresses and tuxes will be the black that sits off the white flowers and decor. You can also use greenery if you don’t want a lot of white flowers.

Reception: to make it look like a wedding and not a funeral, use white table clothes with black napkins. (Many people will have on black pants/dresses/skirts. Black napkins will actually keep from leaving white lint all over people’s laps.) You can add a touch of color in the centerpieces if you want by putting flowers at each table. (Scroll down to see a photo like this)

If prefer to stay with only black and white, what about tall centerpiece that is narrow at the base so it doesn’t block the view across the tables? You could find inexpensive vases and spray paint them black so the florist could put white flowers inside. (Just make sure they are narrow so you can see around them easily.) (Another picture so you can see why I’m saying narrow – however this one is a bit overdone maybe )

Look at the centerpieces on this page as well. There are a few ideas that could be done in black and white. (1) Small baskets painted black with white tulips (or any flower) would be delightful. (style 88 at bottom of page) Or you could have something as simple as white candleholders and black & white candles

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