Confetti Wedding Decor

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Anyone use “diamond confetti” at their wedding for decor?

I was considering buying this to put on my tables for my Old Hollywood wedding and was wondering if anyone had used it before. How does it look? Do you have any pics to share?

This is what it is:

When I say, how does it look, I mean how does it look in real use. icon smile I know the people selling it can make the light shine off it perfectly to seem amazing, but I want to know if it’s just as nice in use for a real wedding.

I have not ever used it but I think that it would be very pretty…my only thought was that if children are going to be at your wedding, I would not just have it spread out on the tables because kids could put it in their mouth and chock…maybe you could put it in a vase? Maybe something like this picture would go with a hollywood theme? Good luck…

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