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Moroccan weddings.. why are they sooooo

expensive, and why do people expect so much.
iv been to a few weddings in aroubia (county side) where its traditional i mean very very traditional. and i loved it, no fancy crap, food made at home by all the women, traditional music with instruments, no fancy hall, done outside. i loved it.
but more and more moroccans especially the westernized ones want western weddings, white wedding dress, buffet all catered, brides maids? best men? what???? its madness and always a let down. they are so expensive with silly decorations and confetti and balloons and dressed up tables, where has the tradition gone i say??? lol
what do you guys think?

I agree with terryg. I also had a very small, intimate waleema with only about 20 relatives in attendance. We didn’t serve a meal and only served sweets and tea, coffee and of course dates and milk. We had it in the home of a relative of my husband. Neither of us are the kind of person who wanted to waste money on an extravagant wedding for one day. This happens everywhere though, you should see some of the weddings in America, they spend hundreds of thousands of dollars just to impress people they barely know. I would rather use that money to buy a house and new furnishings and start off our married life not being in debt.

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