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What are some good ideas for a wedding reception when the couple met online?

My fiancé and I met playing online poker, then we developed our relationship over the computer. We’re going to have a poker-themed groom’s cake. Everyone knows we met online, but most don’t realize it was through poker, so doing a lot of poker-themed stuff wouldn’t really make as much sense to people. I’ve seen some cute ideas for cake toppers, but we’ve already chosen our cake decor. Any ideas of what we could have at the reception to give a nod at our online love?

If you met online I’m sure you used a lot of the “lol” and “rofl” abbreviations in your time. Why not use those as table numbers, instead of numbers. For my wedding I’m dividing tables into moments of our life. So some people will sit at the first date table, others at the first kiss table. You could have people sit at the “lol” table or whatever other abbreviations you came to use online.

You could also easily incorporate the theme into your favors. Give everyone sugar cookies shaped like computers.

Cake Topper Ideas

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