Couple Wedding Cake

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How many couples out there still opt for a fruit wedding cake?

I went to a wedding yesterday and they gave my sister a whole tier because she made the gown and bridesmaids dresses. Usually it wouldn’t last very long but it’s so gross, no one has even attempted to touch it besides my mum, cos she eats everything. Im just curious how many couples still opt for the fruit cake?
16 weddings in 6-7 years!? Omg!!! That is a lot of weddings

In the U.S. fruitcakes are not popular and not used for wedding cakes so keep that in mind when you read some of your responses since many people answering are from the U.S. Fruitcakes in the U.S. are more popular for Christmas and most people don’t like them.

They are however, still popular in the U.K. as a wedding cake. I have been to a couple weddings there in recent years and they were used.

When I watched some of the coverage on the Royal wedding, their wedding cake was a fruitcake.

Playmobil – Bridal Couple w/ Wedding Cake

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