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Gifts for wedding party?

I’m starting to think about gifts for our wedding party. The people we would like to buy for are:

* Bridesmaids
* Best Man
* Mothers

I’ve bought a couple of cubic zirconia necklaces (can’t afford diamonds!) for the bridesmaids, but we were wondering about the others. What did you buy, or what will you buy?
There are NO groomsmen in our wedding
Good suggestions on making the gifts unique, but I’m not keen on the idea o initialling them or having the wedding date on them. Just not my taste. I love the fact that you bought something different for each of your BMs though.

I think the best presents are those that are personal to each individual. Of course, you want to give them something similar, but I would suggest customizing to each person. For example, this is what we got our bridal party:
Bridesmaids- I got them all personalized tote bags with their names on them in their favorite color, black pearl stud earrings (those are the same for all), mini manicure sets, monogrammed silver keychains with their initial, and this is where it gets personal: for my writer friend I got a beautiful bound journal, for my chocolate lover friend I got Philosophy Double Hot Cocoa shampoo, body wash, and bubble bath (in one) and for my traveler friend I got a monogrammed passport case.
The groomsmen and best man are all avid golfers (as is my fiance) so we bought them golf desk sets. It’s like a leather golf bag personalized with our names and wedding date in their favorite colors, with a silver pen, letter opener, and pencil (they all look like golf clubs) engraved with “Best Man” and “Groomsman”.

Just to give you some ideas, ThingsRemembered.com has some really great stuff for wedding parties, you can get free shipping on orders over $100 and they always have a 20% off discount code you can apply to your order (just google ThingsRemembered coupon code to get it). Also, I would say jewelry is always good, monogrammed mirror compacts or makeup bags, cute underwear for bridesmaids, etc. For the guys you can get tickets to a game (baseball, basketball,etc.), magazine subscriptions, omaha steaks or beer-of the-month memberships.

Hope I helped.
Good luck and congratulations on your wedding!!! =)

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