Do it yourself Wedding Favors – Submitted Ideas

Do it yourself Wedding Favors – Submitted Ideas

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For some couples, buying already-made gifts to serve as parting favors for their wedding guests is a great idea. Such gifts certainly are easier to give, and for brides and grooms who have a limited amount of time or a larger budget to work with, such already-made items are a wonderful choice. Yet for other couples, wedding favors DIY offer a great way to save a few bucks and put your own personal touch into your gifts. Of course, before you can place your own self-made gifts in the reception location for your guests to take home, you have to think of a great gift to offer them.

Sweet Treats.

Many couples are turning to the kitchen for their wedding favors DIY. Now, if you don’t have any cooking or baking talents, this may not be the idea for you. However, if you and your partner are known for your sweet teeth or your kitchen talents, this may be a lovely idea that you can put to use. Consider everything from cupcakes and cookies to candies, brownies, and more. You can often get some great wedding-themed or couples-themed ideas for sweet treats online, and with treats like cupcakes, you can customize them so that the colors match your own wedding and reception colors.


Now you may have not made candles before, but they have been a popular parting favor gift idea for years. You can buy them, but you will also find that some venues that may be close to your home will allow you to make your own, experimenting with scents and colors. This option can really add a distinct personal touch to your day and give your guests a gift they can enjoy for months. Each time they light up your handmade candle, it will remind them of your special wedding day.

Other Gift Ideas.

If you or your fiancé has a special talent that you want to share with your guests, this is often a great idea for wedding favors DIY. Such talents may be one that is widely known about with your friends and family members or it may be a secret talent. Do one of your enjoy knitting, woodworking, creating ceramics, or something else? While it certainly is the thought that counts, you do want to make sure that your gift is of a certain quality, too. If you aren’t sure if your talent or skill is good enough to use as a parting gift, ask a trusted family or friend for their feedback.

Allowing Time.

When you are preparing wedding favors DIY, one of the most critical aspects of this beyond finding a great idea for your gifts is to allow yourself plenty of time to create the gifts. You will want to get started on the favors early, and then put yourself on a schedule. Sweet treats obviously cannot be made too far ahead of time, so you may need to recruit help from your attendants for these. However, other items can be made weeks and months ahead of time. It is often a good idea to set aside a bit of time each week to make 10 or 20 different favors at a time so you don’t fall behind and get stressed out close to your big day.

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