Fabulous Fall Wedding Favors

Fabulous Fall Wedding Favors to Consider This Year

There is such a large variety of wedding favors available online today that it can almost feel like there are too many choices. Do you go with a frame or a candle? But everyone gives frames and candles. The same goes for bottle stoppers, bookmarks and key chains. Chances are, if you’ve come across it online it’s already been done.

Everybody wants their wedding to be special and stand out from the rest. Be it in choosing a well hidden gem for a venue or selecting a menu of creative modern culinary masterpieces we all want our special day to be the absolute best. Selecting unique, thoughtful wedding favors should be no different and you have many options.

First things first:

Forget about generic frames, candles, bottle stoppers and coasters. They’ve been overdone. To find something truly unique and unusual you need to think outside of the proverbial favor box. To start narrowing down your options you should limit yourself to picking a theme or a set of products designed to match a season. For the purposes of this article we’ll choose Fall Themed Wedding Favors since Autumn is almost upon us. Now that we’ve got some direction lets narrow it down some more. Think about the colors you’ve chosen for your décor, the menu you’ve selected, the color palette of the bridesmaid dresses. Try to imagine the general look and feel of a favor that would be the perfect complement to your existing décor. Once you’ve come up with a general idea you can start doing some quick searches on your engine of choice but the key is to click on the image results. That way you’ll be able to quickly get a feel for the types of products that are out there.

Maple Syrup in a Personalized Bottle

After doing some Google Image searches we came up with a few really cute ideas for Fall Wedding favors that were both unusual and unbelievably cute. By far, our favorite product was personalized maple syrup. The one we found contained 100% pure, Grade A syrup from Vermont. This is something we’ve never seen before at a wedding. There are so many great things about this product. It’s made in the USA, it’s sure to be delicious, and it includes a free bottle label that can be personalized with the bride and grooms names and wedding date. After looking through the wonderful designs available for the personalized label we came across several fall themed designs that would fit perfectly in with the décor of a typical fall wedding. The personalized maple syrup we found ranged in price from $4 to $8 depending on the quantity purchased.

Personalized Lollipop Favors

Our second pick was also very unique and offered a variety of personalized label designs to choose from including the perfect fall themed designs that featured a beautiful color palette. Personalized favors in general have been gaining popularity as many people try to find ways to differentiate their event but many personalized favor options are downright ugly or cheap looking. We found several options on multiple sites for personalized lollipops and for the most part the designs felt very current and the presentation made them look twice as expensive as they actually were. The lollipop favors we selected came wrapped in clear cellophane and tied with white satin bow. The lollipop itself was also white and the included personalized label could be placed right on the front of the favor on the cellophane. One thing to keep in mind when shopping for personalized favors is that many of them are not shipped assembled, this being one of them. With that said, assembly looks like a breeze in that all you need to do is stick the label to the packaging.

More comfortable with a classic wedding favor?

We all have friends that like to keep things traditional and classic. If you’re a bridesmaid tasked with finding the perfect favors for a bride that prefers not to veer too far off the more traditional course you can still find something unique and fun. Our final suggestion is for you. Yes, everybody uses candles and frames for their wedding favors but there are so many options available that you don’t have to use the same one you’ve already received twice this year at different events. This is where themed products offer the perfect solution for every wedding. As we’ve been focusing on fall themed products we limited our search to candles, frames and bottle stoppers with an autumn inspired design and found a large selection of favors to fit any budget. Our two favorites were a candle shaped like a pine cone with a fresh cinnamon fragrance and a tree-branch design photo frame. Both were reasonably priced and looked very well made.

In closing, there are many ways to differentiate you event from all the rest. We all want our special day to be a memorable experience full of memories we can relive with our friends and families for years to come. The best way to make your wedding memorable is to make it different. Finding an enchanting venue off the beaten track, catering your event with an inspired, eclectic selection and finding unique ideas for fall wedding favors will ensure that your special day is one to remember.

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