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Does this sound good for a favor?

We decided on a fall wedding and we like the idea of pumpkins as centerpieces.

So with all those pumpkins we were going to make spicy pumpkin seeds and put them in little tins like these


With some custom labels and maybe some ribbon?

What do you think? Any ideas of something better?

I think your idea is great, season appropriate…and plays off your centerpiece theme.

I also had a fall wedding…for our favors I had a candy bar…and had candies like you would find in the penny candy stores from years ago (pixie sticks, root beer barrels, swedish fish to name a few)…then took small white bags…opened them and made rows next to the jars of candy. On each bag was a label that said “So sweet of you to come” with our names and wedding date below.

We used pumpkins, mums and hay bales…in case you need a few more decoraion thoughts.

Congratulation and Good Luck.

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