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What favours can I give at my Mums 50th birthday?

I’m planning a surprise party for my mums 50th birthday at the start of May. I’m not sure what to give for favours.

I have looked up all the “birthstone” stuff for May and found out that her birth flower is Lily of the Valley. I was thinking maybe buying some flower seeds and putting a few in an organza pouch (since my mum also loves gardening it could be a personal touch) along with some emerald green scatter gems. I would make up a little card thing to go in it with the information about the birth flower and birthstone etc. I have found some Lily of the Valley incense sticks incase the seeds are expensive (it is a lily after all). I’m not sure what else I could put in with it.

I’ve already got some gift bags left over from my 21st birthday last year which were used as favour bags. They are only little tiny things but would still look empty with just that in it.

Any other suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thank you

well think about what your mother likes. for ex-sample:if she likes puppy’s, you could add something that has to do with puppy’s. talk to your mum, see what she has to say.

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