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Help with ideas for an angel theme wedding?

I need help thinking of favors, decorations for the church and dancehall, please help!

Here is an article that I was able to find that might be able to offer some good suggestions:
Wedding Attire Suggestions:

A nice choice for a wedding gown for a celestial theme such as this would be either a “fairy tale” cut (think Cinderella) or a slim fitting silk gown. Embroider or applique the hem with golden suns.

Pick dress fabrics that are soft and flowing. You may wish to have your bridesmaids dressed in white or gold colored chiffon gowns – either in a slim-fit cut or billowing below the waist. Some hair piece ideas would be a thin gold band (like a halo) or sun-symbol studded combs. Have them carry streaming ribbon, star shaped wands instead of flower bouquets.

The men should opt for black or midnight blue tuxedos.

Heavenly Decor:

String white miniature lights around doorways, and windows. Place several bare-branch “trees” in corners and add white, twinkling miniature lights. Hang white angel cutouts or small angel ornaments from the branches.

Hang angel garland across the front of tables.

Cutout 12″ tall angel silouettes from white poster board in a variety of shapes (eg. Angels flying, standing, floating on a cloud, etc.) and hang from the ceiling. You could also glue some cotton batting to the bottom of each angel to make them look like they’re in the clouds. If desired, cover the cutouts with gold foil paper.

Place angel or fairy wings (used for children’s costumes) over doorways, on the front of fabric table swags, and other such areas to pull the angel theme wedding decor together.

Table Centerpieces:

Place trimmed quilt batting in the center of each table. Fluff up the batting to resemble “clouds”. Place a round mirror in the center of the batting (you may wish to cut a circle in the center so the mirror rests flat on the table.) Sprinkle some gold glitter over the batting and the mirror. Use a tall pillar candle enclosed in a glass jar in the center.

Add colored, decorative stones or beads to the bottom of a large, clear glass bowl. Add clear water and float several tealights encased in clear holders on the surface.

Pillar candles always make nice centerpieces. Add embellishments such as a wide, gold ribbon bow around the base, and angel or cherub stickers around the center of the candle. Another suggestion is to set the candle on a base of white boa feathers, sprinkled with a little bit of gold sparkle dust.

A Gift From The Angels:

Buy those angel beaded craft kits that are sold at Christmas time and make up enough angel ornaments for each of your guests. Buy extra wire and beads so you can continue making your own following the directions included, without having to buy more kits.

Make or buy white or dark chocolate cherubs using chocolate molds. Wrap in plastic and place in favor boxes.

Give lovely angel shaped sugar cookies as favors. Not into cookies? Try angel lollipops instead!

Stock up on a variety of angel ornaments at Christmas time.

Nice smelling angel shaped minature soaps make a lovely
favor gift.

Here are a few other pictures that might give you some ideas as well:





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