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Where can I rent folding chair covers for a wedding at a steal deal?

I’m getting married Saturday, December 6, 2008, and I’m looking for white chair covers to dress up the folding chairs we’re using for the wedding and reception. The cheapest I can find them for rent is at $3.95 per chair cover, but I don’t want to pay that amount, since I can buy them on the internet for $3.25 per piece. The problem is, I don’t want to buy 250 chair covers. Any ideas? I’m looking for a steal deal, so I don’t have to buy them.
I can’t rent chairs, even though they’re cheaper, because the reception hall has provided the chairs and tables and keeps the room set up and will charge me a fee if the chairs or tables have to be moved.

I would suggest asking the reception site if they can recommend a vendor. I know that you can often get discounted rates as well. Also, if you are using folding chairs currently – think of renting all white wooden folding chairs instead of chair covers. They are a lot cheaper than covers and add elegance without expense!
Good luck and congratulations!

Regina Spektor- Folding Chair (cover… with SHANNON)

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