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When you have several types of wedding favors, how many does each guest get?

My friend is getting married. She having little picture frames for favors, as well as plantable seed favors, bubbles, and she wanted to put one small bamboo plant on each table.
Is it approiate to have one plant on each table, or should she have more? (theres about 8 people to a table). Does she need to have a picture frame/seed favor/ bubbles for each guest? or as long as there are 8+ favors on each table, is it okay?
What is the proper amount of favors to put on each table? As long as there is at LEAST one per person, is that okay? or does it have to be an even number per person?

No double the amount per table, meaning how many types you have than put down two of each. That should be enough accept the small things ie bubbles, seed bags for throwing when they leave, and etible treats should be each setting.

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