Give your guests personalized candy as a sweet treat

Personalized candy makes for a great wedding favor, giving guests a sweet treet that plays on their sense of vanity and celebration at the same time.

Give your guests personalized candy as a sweet treat

‘How Sweet It Is’ to have a personalized candy wrapped party in your theme, colors and elegantly decorated. It is going to be a sweet day for your special event and it can all begin with a pretty personalized lollipop invite. Once the invites are picked out from a lovely array of designs, then a matching designed reply card can be added for receiving replies from all your family and friends. Then with a matching design many personalized candies can be designed for your guests. Individual candies such as lifesavers, mini Hershey bars, large Hershey bars, and all sizes of lollipops, candy sticks, gum packages, chocolate sticks, or even a ‘favorful’ container for adding your own candy might be a great choice. If you have tables, a candy centerpiece may be made up of the personalized candies in lieu of the traditional floral centerpieces.

This allows you to have a centerpiece and favor all in one, saving on costs of floral arrangements for each table and an additional favor for each guest.. A matching designer header card or table number card can be attached to the top of the centerpiece. Matching place cards can be selected so each guest has a reserved seat at the designated table. This is a very nice way to ensure each guest of having a seat with their family or close friends.

Customized candy adds that extra touch to not only have the honoree or honoree’s names and date on the candy label but also offering a favor that is wrapped and sanitary. Many candy bars or candy buffets leave the selecting of opened unwrapped candy to the guests to add as many as they want in a take home container. Many candy buffets offer so much candy that a lot of waste is present at the end of the event. Many parents do not prefer their children to be able to scoop so many sweets late in the evening. A large event has numerous costs and one lovely personalized piece of wrapped candy is really all most need to fill their sweet tooth! By personalizing the candy you will want to include the name(s) of the honoree(s), date of the event and type of event. You can also add the quote ’sweet of you to come’ as a thank you to your guests. Another nice phrase is Life is sweet or Life is sweeter when shared by family and friends.

Another centerpiece idea is a new idea exclusively designed ‘Favorfuls’, which is a clear container much like a tall clear favor box that you can fill with a treat and center them in the middle of the table or around a floral arrangement. Because they are FDA approved, all kinds of treats can be added including wrapped candies, M&M’s, candy covered Jordan almonds, gum balls, skittles candies, tart and tiny’s, peppermint patties, chocolate coins, jelly beans, gummies, candy dots, nerds, taffy, runts, sweet tarts, ring pops, cookies, cheese sticks, or a mix of several sweet treats! The’ Favorfuls’ have a wrap design around the acrylic cube with a large colorful topper bow on top! Wrap design can be chosen from all our designs, in any colors and personalized just for that special someone! Favorfuls can be put in a circle at the center of the table for a centerpiece or around a candle or floral arrangement. They can also be put at each guests table setting.

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