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How do you think you make these wedding centerpieces?


The link is from e-bay and I really hope it works. They are selling the candle holder but I really like the vase in the background. What do you suppose that is on the bottom? And is that a fake shrub or some sort with fake snow???
If you know… where would I find such things?
I have the vase, but I’m looking for the shrub and whatever that may be on the bottom icon smile
Also icon smile I can’t seem to find those little balls anywhere??

Hi….It’s easy…

Get the square vases from Walmart, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, a Dollar Tree…or online:


What’s at the bottom of the vase? It’s hard to see…it could be the a dark colored “vase gems” or rocks like these…scroll down to see all the colors of gems and rocks:


Then, the filler….again, look at craft stores like Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or online. It looks to be like and artificial (silk) grass:


The little balls are Christmas balls. Again, available (right now!) at craft stores.

Good luck!

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