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Planning an eco-friendly wedding- any hints and tips?

I am planning my wedding- the date is Sept 6, 2008.
I want it to be as ECO FRIENDLY and environmentally friendly as possible on a TIGHT budget. Our budget is $3500- we don’t have to pay for the hall, tables, chairs, or minister. And our DJ is already paid for, too.
So, we have to do everything else, including caterer, for $3500- our caterer quoted us $1500, so that leaves us $2000 for everything else.
I want to use seeded invitations (plantable invites) and plantable seeded favors. Any links to websites with this sort of thing on a budget would be great!
Also looking for an organic cotton wedding dress for less than $600.
Looking for organic rice paper lanterns for decorations, and anything organic eco friendly to decorate with, give for favors, or wear…

Any hints, tips, and website links would be great!!


Here are some sites.

These are interesting articles–Good tips

Here’s hemp wedding attire

This site has cool dresses.

other stuff


Yellow Paper Lantern Tent Reception Decoration by Table 4 Decor

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