Make Place Cards Leap from the Table by Framing Them

Make Place Cards Leap from the Table by Framing Them

 American Chronicle | Place Card Frames for Wedding Favors | Katie WashingtonSeptember 25, 2011Without place cards to tell guests where to sit, even the most thought out wedding reception seating plan is useless. These tiny pieces of paper sit on the table, letting each guest know when they have arrived at their table for the night. Instead of leaving them unadorned, it has become popular to place them inside wedding place card frames.

These simple frames work exactly like picture frames. Simply slip off the back and insert the guest?s name, replacing the back when finished. Afterwards, have your wedding planner distribute them at the appropriate tables. Wedding place card framers are as simple as that! What?s more, decoratively framing each guests name lets them know just how important it is that they decided to share in such a special day.

Wedding place card holders have become popular with guests for another reason. They double as a wonderful take home gift from the bride and groom. Once a guest takes their place card holder home, they can use it to frame their own pictures or a keepsake photo from the wedding. Such a beautiful and useful gift beats so many other token options, like tins of stale candy-coated almonds popular with so many brides.

They are also an easy way to decorate each guest?s dinner setting. Many options are available, making it easy to find one that fits any wedding decor. Having an Oriental themed wedding? Look for bamboo wedding place card frames. For more opulent receptions antique place card frames would be perfect.

Finding wedding place card frames is easy. Their growing popularity has caused retailers all over to carry a variety of styles. For those who don?t find something they like in stores, Internet bridal shops are sure to provide something to satisfy any bride and fit into any budget.

Another great thing about wedding place card frames is their affordability. Beautiful options exist that start at less than a dollar. Buying a large amount of these at one time can also often cause the purchaser to receive a bulk discount. No matter how large the budget is for such a special day, saving money can help guarantee an even better honeymoon.

Crafty brides will also be glad to know that making their own wedding place card frames is rather easy. Many DIY websites exist to guide such artsy soon-to-be-wives on how to make their own. Imagine how touched guests will be when they notice the bride herself made their take home souvenir from the wedding.

Wedding place card frames are a great way to decorate place settings; they?re affordable, functional, and come in a variety of options. Because of this, they easily beat any other place card options on the market today.

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