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Question about food for my wedding reception?

My wedding was supposed to take place at a Mexican restaurant, mostly just because it was on a Lake & a really beautiful setting. Well, that has changed & we are now doing it in my fiance’s brother’s backyard.

Problem: I ordered personalized bottles of hot sauce as one of my favors that I want to put in organza bags with ribbon. But now I feel like the only way to tie that in would be to have Mexican food for my buffet.

I may be over thinking this, but is it weird to have strictly Mexican food when none of us are Mexican? Would you find that odd? Yeah, I think I’m over thinking. Ha ha!
Okay great. Thanks! So, what type of Mexican food would you like to see there? I have a contact for someone who can drop it off with chafing dishes.

Not at all. If you like Mexican food then have it. Hot sauce? I love it, so unique!

best wishes……………….

EDIT: Taco bar is fun and relatively easy.
Tortillas: soft and crunchy
Beef : regular taco ground beef
Chicken: shredded
Sour cream
Taco sauce
Assorted salsa
tomatillo salsa
a tropical mango or pineapple salsa
regular bottled salsa
Jalapenos and pickled veggies
Big bowl of chips
Have some rice and beans and maybe some enchiladas.

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