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As a bridesmaid, I was asked to spend about $500 for bachelorette party and bridal shower. Is it usual?

I understand it’s my responsibility to treat bride, but she kinda decided what she wanted and asked to pay for it. Maid of honor cannot be in ether parties because she’s out of the country. I didn’t expected to spend that much but at the same time feel bad decline the bride’s request. What’s the smart way to go around it?

The smart way around it is to snap her out of her princess complex. Since she’s a friend, you should be able to speak with her frankly. It isn’t your responsibility to treat the bride. Bridesmaids often throw bachelorette parties and showers, but out of the goodness of their hearts, not a sense of obligation. She shouldn’t expect any of these things, and she definitively shouldn’t ask. Tell her that you can’t afford that right now, but that you promise to come up with something she’ll really enjoy. Then, plan something you know she’ll enjoy, within your price range. If she complains about that, she’s a brat and doesn’t deserve any of it.

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