Personalized Wedding Favors – A Simple, Elegant Touch

Personalized Wedding Favors – A Simple, Elegant Touch

Personalization. It’s fun, exciting, unique, and everyone seems to be doing it. Are you planning on personalizing your wedding?
If you are, or were even considering it, one great way to start getting ideas is by browsing through all the different types of personalized wedding favors out there. The wedding favor industry is always ahead of the curve when it comes to creating new looks, new ideas and new trends that can be used as a starting point to planning the rest of your special day.

You probably didn’t know that…but when was the last time you browsed through a wedding favor site? If you’ve ever shopped on a favor site in the past you’ll immediately notice that things have drastically changed. Favors used to be dull, drab and plain. Designed by unimaginative manufacturers looking to push out a steady stream of favors that never strayed far from the standard, traditional designs. What a difference a few years make! Today manufacturers leave the design work to the pros. Professional graphic artists create the looks, pick the color palettes and design the packaging of the newest favors. And they’ve gotten very creative.

Browse through a wedding favor site and you’ll see an explosion of trendy and fashionable colors and designs with a wide range of packaging options. You’ll find products broken out into themes or designed specifically to match the look or feel of a particular season. Today, you can find inspiration for the design and look of everything else you need for your wedding right on your favorite wedding favor site. Leading the way in this new designer direction favors have taken are personalized favors.

Personalized wedding favors are where it all started. Graphic artists that specialized in product design were brought on to create a wide range of personalized label designs in every color and theme they could dream up. These customizable designs were so adorable that many favor manufacturers brought a designer on full time to update the look of their existing products and create exciting and colorful new packaging options to replace the boring old white favor box that everything used to come in.

Personalized favors are where you can find the most design inspiration and that’s what this Lens is all about.

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