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Last minute wedding date change etiquette?

A friend of mine had a wedding planned for April and this week decided to postpone it until June for supposed financial reasons. The majority of the bridal party and I all live out of town (1000+ miles away) and other than myself, she did not talk to any of the bridal party about the change beforehand. She sent out a mass email to certain guests (and included the bridal party) letting everyone know that the new date. She also sent a text message to some people saying the same thing.

My question is:
Should she have consulted the bridal party before picking a new date to ensure that the new date is convenient for everyone? And should the bridal party have received telephone calls or AT LEAST a personalized email with an apology for the inconvenience? (We are in our 30s; I believe the text msg was BEYOND inappropriate.)

I have been trying to convince the bride that she needs to contact the bridal party personally and she does not see the point.

I would think she chose her bridal party because they are very close to her. I can’t imagine why she would not feel like she shouldn’t at least call them. What she did was very rude but unfortunately you may not be able to get her to see your point. You should just point out that she may be stuck without some bridesmaids since most likely these people already booked travel arrangements and asked for time off of work. I honestly would be so offended that I wouldn’t stand up. If she still doesn’t see the light then you’ll have to just let it go, it’s rude but she’ll have to fight those battles herself.

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