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Wedding flowers?????????

OK so I have finally decided on wedding colors! What color/kind of flowers should I have. Wedding colors will be Platinium, light blue, charcoal. The bridesmaids will be in Platinium dresses. My gown is a Champagne/Ivory color.

I plan on doing all flowers my self. Centerpieces , bouquets, boutonnieres every thing! I was also wonder since the church will not allow flower petals to be thrown can I give my flower girl a flower “ball”?

Here are some bouquets I found that I think are cute… (the blue flowers she is holding is soo cute!!)

EDIT: And yes, I think the flower ball for the FG would be perfect!! Because she will still be holding it, as if she were holding a basket… I love those flower balls…

How to Make Wedding Bouquets & Corsages : Pulling the Dead Petals from a Wedding Bouquet

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