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What is the best place to buy a microSD card for my Motorazr V3m?

I’m going to buy a Red Motorazr V3m this upcoming week and I was talking to a U.S. Cellular guy and he said in order to get music saved on the razr V3m you have to buy a microSD memory card. He told me that they sell them at their store but they tend to be pricy. He told me in a hushed voice that I could find way better deals on the web. Does anybody know any awesome sites? I’m looking for a 2GB card so that way I can save a decent amount of music, videos, and pictures. I was also wondering what equipment I need to purchase besides the microSD memory card?

What he said is not 100% true. You can put *some* songs on it using the internal memory, but it will only be like 6 songs.

Circuit City usually has pretty good deals. Check Froogle for good deals online (www.froogle.com)

PS- The brand of card should not be a factor. They are all essentially the same. So if you see a Sandisk for $30 and a Spectec for $25 and they are both the same amount of memory, get the Spectec.

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