Planning a Halloween Wedding? Party Favor Ideas to think about

Planning a Halloween Wedding? Party Favor Ideas to think about

Lana_aka_BADGRLSo you love Halloween and want to have a Fall wedding? You can go wildly fun and festive and make it the most memorable wedding anyone has ever been to.

Use the Halloween theme in every detail. Go with your taste, of course. You don’t have to be macabre or dark in your Halloween décor. You can add colors of the season that suggest Halloween, or go all out with spiders and cobwebs. It’s up to you.

Start with your save the date cards and invitations. Since its Halloween, make sure your guests, especially those with small children who will want to Trick or Treat that night, can make accommodations. Decide if you want guests to come in costume. That can be fun or go overboard fast. So think about what your family would think was appropriate. Specify the degree of costume you want right on the invitation. “Masks Encouraged” is a good way to get guests to come looking festive but not in a full-blown Sponge Bob suit.

Next, plan your colors. You can make good use of pumpkin orange or go with grays and blacks which can look both elegant and just the right dose of scary if you like. You can also do red and black or just black and white. Adding a bit of black to a white wedding dress is upscale and still in keeping with the Halloween festivities. Brides have come down the aisle in full orange and black. If that’s your color scheme of choice, go for it! You can find lovely shades of orange dresses in bridal shops and then just add a sash in black or black elbow length evening gloves.

Your style for your bridesmaids should reflect your sense of humor, or rein it in. If you want to wear black and white yourself, have your bridesmaids wear simple black cocktail dresses so that the party doesn’t start looking garish. The men will look fantastic in their black and white tuxedos as well.

Halloween wedding inspiration board

You can really get creative with your cake. Have an orange and black tiered cake with spider webs drawn on in icing. Or go for a black and grey fondant cake with figurines that look like Elvira and her beau. Have yourselves done up in fondant caricatures. That’s a good place to get funky and show yourselves in any costume you like. The cake topper can be a Halloween joke or you can keep it in line with the theme but not go overboard.

Flowers can be done in oranges, yellows, and other fall colors to suggest Halloween. Place hollowed out pumpkins as centerpieces with dried, silk, or real flowers in them. Allow guests to take them home afterwards.

You can have fun with Halloween dancing. Do the Monster Mash or play Thriller. Your guests will love it. Get everyone out on the dance floor to be their silliest and you’ll all have fun with the theme.

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Give out Trick or Treat goody bags as wedding favors or little plastic pumpkins filled with bite-sized candies. Your Halloween wedding practically designs itself when you look at what’s available on store shelves for the holiday. Grab a bunch of non-perishable treats at clearance sales the day after Halloween the year before your wedding and you will get your decorations practically for free.


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