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Any ideas for a creative saying for a wedding favor?

I’m being a good big sister and making wedding favors for my sister. She wants lottery ticket holders, so I’m going to make little pouches, each holding one ticket and a penny, then sealed with a little sticker of some sort. Of course the envelope will be personalized and I would like a cute, not too cheesy, saying on it. Something to tie it in with the lottery ticket. Maybe something about love and winning and riches or something…but that’s all cheesy. Agh, help, I need creative people! icon smile

Maybe somehting like
“I hope you all are richfully in love, as we are”
“I hit the lotto when I met him, maybe you can hit it too?”
or “We hit the lotto when we met”
“The best things in life are free”
“The more you love, the more it ritchens your life”
“Money cannot buy the best things in life”

Sorry, but I tried… icon surprised )

Good luck!

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