Recap: Alexis and Jesse’s Wedding

Recap: Alexis and Jesse’s Wedding

This is a slightly embarrassing story, but I’ve got to tell it anyway…The night before my childhood friend Alexis’ wedding, I was sharing a bed with my mom. In the middle of the night she swears that I, clearly as day, said: “I’ve always looked up to you, Alexis… And I still do!” 

I’m not quite sure what I was dreaming about, but that is truly how I’ve always felt. Alexis is two years older than me and always set an example for how to be a great, genuine person. Although my family moved away when I was nine-years-old, I continue to count her as a friend and I couldn’t imagine missing her wedding.

Now onto the good stuff.

Before the wedding was set to start at 3 o’clock, my mom, sister and sister’s friend Dani, had some time to kill around town. My mom and I started with a three-mile run through the trails next to our old neighborhood.

After many legal battles, it was finally settled that the land cannot be bought for a subdivision. Instead, it will always be preserved for nature-lovers — like me!

(Although the run really made me miss having the trails so close!)

After showering, my mom met a friend for coffee while the girls and I did some last-minute shopping — which was when I finally got the dress I wore to the wedding!

When my mom was done with coffee, we all headed over to the newly opened Bungalow 47, an adorable shop run by Alexis’ mom.

We gawked around for a while at the handmade, unique gifts — and ultimately bought a few things for ourselves.

Then we rushed back to our friends’ house with just enough time to go back to the trails and take some pictures.

Goofiness ensued.

Finally, it was back to the house for an outfit change and makeup-reapplication. Then, out the door for the wedding!

The 3 o’clock ceremony was set to take place at a nearby nature center. Despite the fact it had rained for the three days leading up to it all, they went forth with plans to have the ceremony outdoors.

Thankfully, the skies had cleared up and the weather was perfectly crisp.

Upon arriving, we ran into Alexis’ mom who told us to go say “hi” to the girls before the ceremony.

I nearly started crying when I saw how beautiful Alexis looked, but I was able to keep it together… Until the ceremony when the waterworks began.

It was just all so sweet and touching.

After going through the receiving line, the guests shuffled over to a tent for appetizers and games while the wedding party took pictures.

From old-fashioned bottled sodas to antique decorations there were so many, incredible touches.

After snacks, we had some fun while waiting for the speeches.

We even got “professional” photo-booth pictures as wedding favors.

Before long, all the guests were gathered back together to hear toasts and head into a large, two-story barn for the official reception.

There, I continued to be blown away by all the details. I shouldn’t have been too surprised, though: Her family is incredibly crafty.

Apparently they’re good bakers, too, because the cupcakes were made by her aunt!

The focal point was a set of big, letter-shaped lights — made by Alexis’ husband, Jesse!

Food was served, cupcakes were consumed and fun was definitely had. Unfortunately, I had an early flight the next morning and my mom, sister and friend were getting back on the road. So, we called it quits before too late — but not without recreating one of our classic family pictures.

Twenty-four hours, three magazines and two flights later, I am back home with Dan and Tracker. Even though it was a whirlwind trip, it was oh-so worth it.

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