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What type of veil would look best with a fit and flare wedding gown?

For example: 1-tier, 2-tier, or 3 tier and elbow length, or finger length. The dress also has much beading and and very little embroidery. The part that flares has less but on train and edges of the front. I was wondering if a veil with very little beading also, very light beading will complement the dress with a pencil line satin ribbon trimming. The upper part of the dress in in satin. The bottom of dress that flares is in tulle, lots of it. The dress is also “halta” top with v-neck cut. Thanks for the tip guys it will be much appreciated.

I’m sure the dress looks gorgeous and that whatever you wear will be gorgeous too!

It would be so much more useful if you could post a picture of the beautiful dress, rather than describing it. I can kind of picture it (the dress) but it would be easier to help pick a veil if there was a pic.

Good luck with the veil!
And CONGRATS on the wedding!

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