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What shall I wear to this wedding?

It’s next Saturday, and it’ll be pretty chilly in church.
So far I’ve got a bright pink dress, which is made from taffeta and has a sort of prom dress style (I can’t find a pic on the internet!) It’s short but not too short, and a kind of warm, bright pink. It’s lovely icon smile
I need to buy some shoes and something to keep warm in… what do you suggest?
I was think some thick wool tights but then I’m stuck :s
Please help!
The woman getting married is quite a rock chick and alternative, so I don’t think a pink dress is too much.

No thick wool tights, it won’t look right. I’m thinking black peep-toe heels (and it won’t be one of those one-time occasion shoes. You can wear them with anything, no joke). And a black clutch and a black sweater (preferably wool or cashmere) that comes a couple of inches below your boobs. icon smile And leggings if you’re cold.

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