The Wedding Favors Tips: Duties of a Bridesmaid

The Wedding Favors Tips: Duties of a Bridesmaid So you’ve been chosen as a bridesmaid! Congratulations. You must be really special to the bride. You may be excited and eager to find out exactly what your duties will be. It’s only natural that you might have questions as to what is expected of you. Here are some of the basic duties of a bridesmaid. You’ll be helping the bride throughout the planning for the wedding. [...] Read more »

Wedding Favor Tags – The Great Wedding Favors Information

Decorative Tags – Simple yet Elegant Wedding Favors Here are a few examples of tags being used to accentuate wedding favors or used on their own to memorialize your special occasion.  If you’ve been looking for that little something extra to tie it all together, then perhaps these will provide you with some food for thought. Wedding Favor Tags A Wedding Favor Tags B Wedding Favor Tags C View the original article here Sphere: Related [...] Read more »

Shot Glasses – Wedding Favors that Guarantee a Fun Reception

Shot Glasses – Wedding Favors that Guarantee a Fun Reception The event at which people tie the knot is monumental. It’s regarded with a lot of sentiments. Many take the occasion as a milestone in life. For the purpose of committing the occasion to life time memory shot glass wedding favors is the best way to thank those who have graced the ceremony. They are also the perfect gift to those who have walked down [...] Read more »

Budget Saver! Do-it-Yourself Wedding Favors

Budget Saver! Do-it-Yourself Wedding Favors Here’s a great piece on simple yet elegant ways to stretch your dollar by creating wedding favors yourself. So you’re into baking and love DIY weddings? Well, creating do it yourself wedding favors just got a little bit easier. With a wide variety of favor boxes, favor bags and jars available; preparing your own edible favors is simple! There are many different ways to personalize your favors to avoid the [...] Read more »

Decorative Wedding Favor Bags – An Easy Way to Liven Up the Party

Decorative Wedding Favor Bags – An Easy Way to Liven Up the Party They say that it’s the little things that make all the difference. Well, they’re right! Here’s a few self-decorated gift boxes that really stand out.  Give your attendees something to take home and rave about without breaking the bank. All you need is time and a decorative touch.  If you’re stretched for time, invite some friends over, crack open a bottle of [...] Read more »

Make Place Cards Leap from the Table by Framing Them

Make Place Cards Leap from the Table by Framing Them  American Chronicle | Place Card Frames for Wedding Favors | Katie WashingtonSeptember 25, 2011Without place cards to tell guests where to sit, even the most thought out wedding reception seating plan is useless. These tiny pieces of paper sit on the table, letting each guest know when they have arrived at their table for the night. Instead of leaving them unadorned, it has become popular [...] Read more »

Cufflinks make the best wedding favors

Thoughts On A Cufflink As Wedding Favors For Male Guests A wedding is probably one of the biggest occasions anybody would ever prepare for in their entire life. The financial, emotional and the time investment that goes with this celebration is a proof of its grandeur. One of the things that has a long-standing tradition in weddings and which a couple should pay attention to is the giving of favors to guests. For male attendees, [...] Read more »

Cheap & Easy, Personalized M&M’s make yummy wedding favor extras

Every couple is looking for ways to make their wedding special and worth remembering. This is why most couples are looking for wedding favor ideas that allow them to add a personal touch to it. Personalized m&m’s are one of the most sought after edible wedding favors these days because not only it’s cheaper, it’s also trendy. If you have a contemporary wedding then a personalized m&m as your wedding favor is your best bet. We [...] Read more »

Fabulous Fall Wedding Favors

Fabulous Fall Wedding Favors to Consider This Year There is such a large variety of wedding favors available online today that it can almost feel like there are too many choices. Do you go with a frame or a candle? But everyone gives frames and candles. The same goes for bottle stoppers, bookmarks and key chains. Chances are, if you’ve come across it online it’s already been done. Everybody wants their wedding to be special [...] Read more »

Late Summer Wedding? Here are some Wedding Favors you might Like

Late Summer Wedding? Here are some Wedding Favors you might Like Summer months certainly a common time for weddings. In fact June is one of the most favorite points in the the year for couples to get married. The excellent weather conditions are one of the primary reasons that several partners select this period of year for their wedding. There is certainly a lesser opportunity that weather will affect the ideas for the wedding and [...] Read more »

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