Recap: Alexis and Jesse’s Wedding

Recap: Alexis and Jesse’s Wedding This is a slightly embarrassing story, but I’ve got to tell it anyway…The night before my childhood friend Alexis’ wedding, I was sharing a bed with my mom. In the middle of the night she swears that I, clearly as day, said: “I’ve always looked up to you, Alexis… And I still do!”  I’m not quite sure what I was dreaming about, but that is truly how I’ve always felt. [...] Read more »

Maryland Wedding Photos Demonstrate Lovely Setting; Ensemble Cast

This Maryland Wedding provides numerous examples of how to capture the spirit of the day. Truly inspirational photos showcase a lovely affair. Vintage Maryland Wedding from Rebekah J. Murray Photography I recently crossed over from bride to wife and have how caught the wedding bug! I love to gather new or fun ideas in hopes of inspiring future brides. My husband and I have a home in the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania where we live [...] Read more »

Personalized Wedding Favors – A Simple, Elegant Touch

Personalized Wedding Favors – A Simple, Elegant Touch Personalization. It’s fun, exciting, unique, and everyone seems to be doing it. Are you planning on personalizing your wedding?If you are, or were even considering it, one great way to start getting ideas is by browsing through all the different types of personalized wedding favors out there. The wedding favor industry is always ahead of the curve when it comes to creating new looks, new ideas and [...] Read more »

Autumn Weddings a Favorite

  You say you’re not into leaves but would like to give you and your family something “fall’y” fret not. You can find plenty of great ideas that will warm your hearts. The ideas below offer thoughts for your fall theme wedding but will help you select the perfect color, decor or favors for ones autumn wedding. A fall wedding can be casual yet elegant set in a beautiful old barn. You might also inspect [...] Read more »

5 Affordable Options for Wedding Centerpieces

  Inexpensive Wedding Centerpieces: Five Choices for Affordable | Posted by zunedfredo on September 15, 2011 Finding inexpensive wedding centerpieces will likely be one of your biggest decorating challenges for one’s wedding. Your wedding decorations budget becomes bloated before you have even begun to take into account other important wedding particulars, such as the cake! Whether you are planning a wedding on a tight budget, or just do not need to spend a lot of [...] Read more »