The Basics of Wedding Tablecloths

wedding tablecloths

Though they may seem to get lost in the shuffle of the reception, tablecloths for your wedding really are important. Guests will be interacting with them closely since they will be sitting at the tables with them. They will also see them when they go up to the buffet or cake area. It’s crucial, therefore, to know how to navigate materials, sizes and drop lengths, and proper colors for your wedding tablecloths. What you want [...] Read more »

Decorating with Tulle

If there’s one fabric that is quintessential of weddings, it would be tulle. And the great thing about tulle is that it’s also inexpensive. If you are willing to get creative with tulle, you’ll find that you can save a ton of money on decorations and get a wedding that looks like it’s out of a fairy tale. And you’ll find that once you start investigating, you can use tulle all throughout your wedding. Tulle [...] Read more »