Want to be Healthy? Here’s 3 Secrets to Getting There

Want to be Healthy? Here’s 3 Secrets to Getting There You may wonder what my background is that makes me knowledgeable to blog about health and ‘);“>fitness. Well just to set the record straight, I’m not a ‘);“>fitness consultant or registered nutritionist or ‘);“>dietitian. What gives me enough insight to write on health and ‘);“>fitness is that I’ve lived it. I’ve been the heavy, overweight girl and I’ve been the toned and fit marathon runner; [...] Read more »

Chic, Inexpensive Wedding Favors

wedding favor

Getting all the details worked out for your wedding can be a chore. Let us help, with these handy suggestions for wedding favors both traditional and modern, both inexpensive and chic. Consider the gifts, aromas, and edibles you could give your guests as a special thank-you for attending your special day. Gifts are a common, if somewhat expensive, form of wedding favors. For small weddings, a small photo album is a good choice. You can [...] Read more »

Decorative Wedding Chair Covers

wedding chair covers

“That wedding was terrible. The chairs were all so ugly!” You don’t want anyone saying that about your wedding, do you? Of course not. But you have a limited budget, and chairs are not very high on the list of expenses. So get decorative chair covers! You can save money, match everything, make everyone more comfortable, and get exactly what you’re looking for with a few accessories. If your budget is tight, hiring chairs from [...] Read more »

Types of Wedding Tents

Getting married in a wedding tent provides a delightful and elegant setting for the happiest day of your life. But how can you ever choose one if you don’t know what you’re looking for? Learn about different types of wedding tents so that you know how to make your wedding day the best it can possibly be. The party canopy tent is pretty basic. It is lightweight, so it is easy to put up and [...] Read more »

Design Compact Mirror

License for phpBay Pro is invalid. Why pay too much for Design Compact Mirror items? Check out Design Compact Mirror-related listings from eBay and save! License for phpBay Pro is invalid. Need help coming up with a business name will be selling designer make-up mirrors.? I need help coming up with a business name. My business will be designer makeup mirrors. They are small, round and about the size of a compact powder. There will [...] Read more »