Chic, Inexpensive Wedding Favors

wedding favor

Getting all the details worked out for your wedding can be a chore. Let us help, with these handy suggestions for wedding favors both traditional and modern, both inexpensive and chic. Consider the gifts, aromas, and edibles you could give your guests as a special thank-you for attending your special day. Gifts are a common, if somewhat expensive, form of wedding favors. For small weddings, a small photo album is a good choice. You can [...] Read more »

Lenox Wedding Promises

License for phpBay Pro is invalid. Why pay too much for Lenox Wedding Promises items? Check out Lenox Wedding Promises-related listings from eBay and save! License for phpBay Pro is invalid. Lenox goblets? Has anyone used these goblets at their wedding? I really like them, but they look like they would tip over if you looked at them too hard. And as I am a wee bit clumsy… I asked the seller, and of [...] Read more »