Chic, Inexpensive Wedding Favors

wedding favor

Getting all the details worked out for your wedding can be a chore. Let us help, with these handy suggestions for wedding favors both traditional and modern, both inexpensive and chic. Consider the gifts, aromas, and edibles you could give your guests as a special thank-you for attending your special day. Gifts are a common, if somewhat expensive, form of wedding favors. For small weddings, a small photo album is a good choice. You can [...] Read more »

Perfect Wedding Favor Boxes

wedding favors

License for phpBay Pro is invalid.One of the great tragedies of weddings is that many guests do not take home the party favor that you have worked on so painstakingly or bought at such a high price. Brides wonder why this could be, and it all comes down to the simple facts of presentation, curiosity, and usefulness. Having favor boxes to hold wedding favors is the perfect way to solve some of these problems. Wedding [...] Read more »