Wedding Invitations

Your best friend has asked for your hand in marriage and you now find it is time to start preparing for your wedding invitations by selecting the most excellent informal wedding reception invitation wording. Many couples find it hard to select the best wording when they are faced with so many choices. However, it is actually quite easy when you follow these straightforward rules. When you are trying to create the best informal wedding reception [...] Read more »

Saving on Wedding Invitations

wedding invitations

Wedding invitations can be a huge part of a wedding budget. Saving money on invitations can be very difficult. Here are some suggestions to help you be frugal and still show some class in your wedding invitations: design your own, follow a template, or buy kits instead of finished products. If you have a very creative mind, you can probably design exactly the kind of wedding invitation you want. It is the first taste of [...] Read more »

Decorating with Tulle

If there’s one fabric that is quintessential of weddings, it would be tulle. And the great thing about tulle is that it’s also inexpensive. If you are willing to get creative with tulle, you’ll find that you can save a ton of money on decorations and get a wedding that looks like it’s out of a fairy tale. And you’ll find that once you start investigating, you can use tulle all throughout your wedding. Tulle [...] Read more »