The Wedding Favors Tips: Duties of a Bridesmaid

The Wedding Favors Tips: Duties of a Bridesmaid

Image by Bludgeoner86 on FlickrSo you’ve been chosen as a bridesmaid! Congratulations. You must be really special to the bride. You may be excited and eager to find out exactly what your duties will be. It’s only natural that you might have questions as to what is expected of you. Here are some of the basic duties of a bridesmaid.

You’ll be helping the bride throughout the planning for the wedding. Now, this can mean different things with different brides. Some brides may want little help and just need you to show up at the ceremony. Others may ask for help along the way while choosing her dress, making wedding favors, sending invitations, etc.

One of your main duties as a bridesmaid is to be there for the bride if she needs you and to step back if she doesn’t. You don’t want to be imposing on the bride’s plans. If she needs you, chances are she will ask you. But if you see something that you could help out with, it’s perfectly alright to ask. Say you see a darling shoe while you’re out shopping. You can definitely send a photo of it to the bride and see if she wants you to pick them up for all the bridesmaids. (Don’t worry; each bridesmaid will have to pay for their own pair.) But respect her wishes if she is undecided or says no.

Along the way, you’ll be offering backup to the bride and her family. Ask if there are any errands you can run for her. Does she need help sourcing favors or picking up her wedding stationery? She will probably take you up on your offer, so be ready to carry out any tasks you’re assigned.

Unless you are the Maid of Honor, you don’t have to be the one to throw a bridal shower. You and the other attendants can certainly help with the shower and you should be involved, but don’t feel you have to run the whole show. After all, you may live in a different town or state, so this can get tricky.

Image by jumpyjodes on FlickrYou were chosen because of your relationship to the bride (or groom), so do your best to step in and head off any problems that you know might be an issue. Does Grandma always forget to bring her purse? You could make sure she’s got it with her when she leaves the house. Are you good with organizing? You might be the one to round up all the bridesmaids for photos before the wedding or at the reception.

Your main duty is to be there at the ready when the ceremony starts. You’ll walk down the aisle before the bride and stand up for her on the bride’s side of the altar. You’ll be matched, most likely, with a groomsman for the day. Even if you can’t stand the sight of him or have never met, don’t worry. You’ll only be expected to exit the ceremony with him and maybe dance with him once. You’re not partners for life. But chances are you’ll have a great time even if you’re mismatched!

You’re there to smile, look pretty, and run to get anything the bride needs. If she runs her stocking or needs emergency lipstick, the bridesmaids usually have an emergency bag stashed in the ladies’ room or someone’s purse. You can be her extra set of eyes and ears too. If you see that no one is dancing, get up and be the first to make your way to the dance floor when the music starts. If no one is talking at a certain table, get up and go make some chit chat conversation. The bride will be relieved that someone is there to mingle and keep things going.

You will have to pay for your own dress and shoes as well as any hair and makeup services you opt for. And you may want to chip in for the bridal shower. And you’ll give a wedding gift for the shower and also for the wedding. Have fun!

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