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First, at each place setting, I will be having the little gift boxes with bows with chocolates inside of them.

Now, as the guests are leaving, I want some kind of favor for them to have on the way out. Here’s my options:

1) We’re getting married on February 13th, so we will be playing all love songs to keep in theme with Vday. So we thought personalized CDs with our wedding soundtrack would be nice. http://rexcraft.com/ProductCluster.cfm?prev=1&TempPrev=0&blnPreviewRequestSubmitted=0&recordsperpage=33&CompletedOrder=0&sBasketID=0&ClusterItem=Clust4023&iSubGroupID=1563&alogo=1&menu=none&morethanonepage=YES&HostDomain=rexcraft%2Ecom%2F&FirstTimeThrough=1&option=ProductCluster.cfm&format=xx

2) We’re both coffee lovers, so… http://www.favorfavor.com/page/FF/PROD/flower-coffee-favors-8370

3) Votive candle holders with cinnamon hearts in them, wrapped in tulle & tied with a ribbon

Thanks for you help!! I’m SOOO indecisive so I love getting other peoples opinions!

I got a CD from a wedding before full of love songs the couple liked, it was neat…but I never played it again. Not my taste. Everyone likes different things…the coffee is cute too but what about for the kids? I think votive candles and cinnamon hearts are my fav choice..im a little biased cuz i LOVE cin hearts haha. Any edible item is a hit…and its very valentines..and could be cheap

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