Decorating with Tulle

If there’s one fabric that is quintessential of weddings, it would be tulle. And the great thing about tulle is that it’s also inexpensive. If you are willing to get creative with tulle, you’ll find that you can save a ton of money on decorations and get a wedding that looks like it’s out of a fairy tale. And you’ll find that once you start investigating, you can use tulle all throughout your wedding.

Tulle is a soft, delicate fabric which is ideal for weddings. When your guests see this fabric it’s only going to make them think of one thing: wedding. It evokes magical feelings of whimsy and is simply the ideal thing to make your wedding day magical.

Tulle comes in a variety of colors, sure to fit any wedding decor. The most traditional colors are white and ivory, but don’t let that cramp your style. Brides are more and more choosing soft pastel colors or even more primary colors to use for their tulle displays.

Above all, tulle is a versatile wedding supply. You really wouldn’t want to try to do without it. You can use it to decorate the church or outdoor wedding venue. Tulle bows on pews or chairs look fantastic. You can use it for the reception in many ways. Tulle can be a great way to spruce up ordinary looking tables and chairs. You can also use tulle to decorate a cake stand that is more plain looking. If you’re having your wedding or reception under a tent, tulle can definitely be your ally in hiding unsightly tent pegs. And if you want to spread the tulle theme throughout your wedding, get creative and put tulle accents on your wedding invitations and thank you notes for the gifts.

As you can see, tulle can be your best friend when it comes to all things wedding.

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