Types of Wedding Tents

Getting married in a wedding tent provides a delightful and elegant setting for the happiest day of your life. But how can you ever choose one if you don’t know what you’re looking for? Learn about different types of wedding tents so that you know how to make your wedding day the best it can possibly be.

The party canopy tent is pretty basic. It is lightweight, so it is easy to put up and take down, and it is probably the least expensive type of wedding tent. Its fabric is designed to provide shade in the sun and protection from the rain, so if there is a chance for very light inclement weather, this may be the perfect tent for you.

The pop-up canopy tent is very similar to the party canopy, but it has a collapsible frame, making installation even easier. It is probably less able to handle wind or stormy weather, though, so keep in mind weather trends for your area around your wedding date. This could work great for you, or it could be a little dangerous if you live in a windy area.

The frame tent has a metal framework without any center poles. The rental company will usually install this one; if you choose to buy it, you may want to hire professionals to put it up for you. This is a good, reliable tent that allows a good dance floor, for example, because of its lack of center poles.

The tension tent probably will remind you of the big top tent at the circus, and if that’s the sort of roomy atmosphere you want, then it’s perfect for you. This type has high center poles and a steeply sloped ceiling, creating a much more open feel in the design.

A pole tent is probably the most traditional tent design. It has poles both in the perimeter and in the center, making it very structurally sound. If severe inclement weather is indicated, you may want to choose this sturdy tent. As with the frame tent, a professional will need to install it.

These are the most common types of wedding tents. You will need to weigh the options to figure out which is the best for your wedding.

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