Wedding Cake Pictures

One of the best ways to add deep drama to your wedding is to include a gothic wedding cake. With so many elements in gothic design, take the time to do some research online or look at books so you can bring pictures to your cake designer. The beauty of this cake is that you can go full out with this dark design or bring in the subtlest of elements.

For an October wedding, nearing Halloween, a gothic cake is perfect. You can have your cake decorator screen intricate spider webs onto a deep red fondant. Inside, choose a dark chocolate cake with espresso or cherry filling to bring this gothic style to life.

But a gothic wedding cake is not just for Halloween and doesnt have to be bats and spiders, a wedding during any season will be enhanced by a chic gothic cake, inspired by the gothic architecture of cathedrals and castles in Europe. You will want to include some dark features, as that is typical of gothic design, but you can have a stunning damask pattern screened onto your cake. This is an intricate design inspired by gothic elements and repeated all over the faandccedil;ade of your cake. Using accents of deep purple and burgundy will continue with the gothic theme and be truly stunning.

Using your research of architecture ask your cake designer to add the elements of a pointed arches and the illusion of stained glass windows. Having printed pictures of what you are looking for will be helpful for the baker to create the cake of your dreams.

You can even do subtle gothic-yes its possible! A black and white cake with one layer of the damask design and your initials printed in a gothic calligraphy is an understated way to create high drama. Your cake will be so stunning; no one will want to eat it!