Decorative Wedding Chair Covers

wedding chair covers e1310187169959“That wedding was terrible. The chairs were all so ugly!”

You don’t want anyone saying that about your wedding, do you? Of course not. But you have a limited budget, and chairs are not very high on the list of expenses. So get decorative chair covers! You can save money, match everything, make everyone more comfortable, and get exactly what you’re looking for with a few accessories.

If your budget is tight, hiring chairs from a wedding furniture vendor can be very difficult. Instead, get cheaper, uglier chairs and cover them up! Chair covers are an inexpensive way to get all of your chairs looking elegant and tasteful. Even if you’re not constrained monetarily, chair covers can tie your whole reception together in a way that undecorated chairs simply can’t! You’ll need to match your chairs to your tables, after all, and you can even get fabric to match your tablecloths.

But maybe those old chairs are uncomfortable. Looking good is no help if no one can sit down for more than two minutes without aching. So why not use those chair covers to cover a little extra, and put cushions or small pillows on the chairs, without needing to get specially made ones that match your colors and style?

But maybe matching colors and styles is just the problem. No one makes chair covers in your wedding colors, which means making your own chair covers if you don’t hire fancy chairs, which can be extra expensive and labor-intensive. Hold the phone! Don’t make chair covers from scratch. Just get a good seamstress to turn fabric into ribbons. Chair cover sashes come in a variety of colors, and even if they don’t, less fabric means less cost, and ribbons still look delicately tasteful. They can also double as place name holders for your guests just print, stitch, embroider, or write the name of the guest on the sash on the back of the chair.

Wedding chair covers are versatile, inexpensive, and a great solution to any chair problem. Make people remember your wedding as having the prettiest chairs they’ve ever seen!

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