Wedding Checklist

Picture this. It is the day of your wedding. You are at the church and oh my you forgot to bring… So you can either have someone rush away to get this item or you can read the rest of this article and be prepared.

Below is a checklist of some of the accessories you will need for your reception and ceremony site. I am sure you can think of some more items that will come in handy the day of your wedding. So when ever you think of some items that you feel will benefit you the day of your wedding just write them down as you go and you will be prepared for almost anything._____ Reception entertainment payment and tip (tip not required)
_____ Payment in full for reception site
_____ Unity candle set
_____ Flower girl basket and rose petals
_____ Wedding guestbook and pen set
_____ Your marriage license
_____ Donation for Officiant minimum $100.00 or more
_____ Donation for the church
_____ Ring bearer pillow
_____ Basket or a nice presentation for your wedding programs
_____ Scissors and clear scotch tape
_____ Bubbles or bird seed
_____ Wedding programs for the ceremony
_____ Banquet Programs
_____ Cake and knife serving set
_____ Cake topper or cake decorations
_____ Liquor or champagne
_____ Wedding favors
_____ Engagement Portrait or a nice picture of your selves
_____ Envelope box for your cards
_____ Bartender payment (only needed if not paid in full)
_____ Decorations for the church and ceremony site
_____ Single use cameras for your wedding guests
_____ Guest list with seating assignments (not required if not having assigned seating)
_____ Place card holders
_____ Lots of pens
_____ Toasting Flutes
_____ Wedding day emergency kits (for you and bridesmaids)

The wedding day emergency kit is one of the most essential parts of your wedding to make sure it runs smoothly. Make sure you pack your emergency kits in a small carrying bag for ease of use.

Wedding day emergency kit_____ Tylenol or aspirin
_____ Baby Powder
_____ Hair pins
_____ Cotton swabs
_____ Nail glue
_____ Extra pair of comfortable shoes
_____ Nail clippers and file
_____ Phone list of all important people (vendors, maid of honor, member of wedding party etc.)
_____ Comb or hair brush
_____ Mousse, hair spray or hair gel
_____ Lotion
_____ Bandages
_____ Moist towelettes
_____ Extra pair of nylons
_____ Lip balm
_____ Safety Pins
_____ Small sewing kit (thread that matches dress)
_____ Small bottle of mouth wash, little tube of tooth paste or tic tacs
_____ Tampons or pads
_____ Kleenex or facial tissue
_____ Touch up make up

Just remember before you have your wedding just try to think of anything possible that could happen that could disrupt your wedding day. Once you thought of all of the possible things that could happen just write them down and make sure you bring them the day of the wedding.