Destination Wedding Checklist

Finding a good destination wedding checklist can be a challenging task. Each wedding is unique and many checklists do not take into considerations your individual plans. Here are a few tips to making a checklist work for you.

Cut and Paste

A good checklist will allow you to adjust things so that it can be personal to your celebration. Look for checklists online that you can use to build one master list for your wedding. We encourage you to visit our website and copy the checklist that we have available for you.

Plan Ahead

Because of the nature of destination weddings, planning ahead is very important. Although not required, it is recommended to schedule your wedding date about a year or more out especially if you plan to have several guests join you at your destination. Letting your guests know well ahead of time will allow them to make arrangements and save money for the trip. A good destination wedding checklist should start at about 12 or months before the actual wedding date to makes sure you have time to accomplish everything.


Most checklists will have tasks broken down into monthly or weekly sections so you can accomplish everything you need to. Make sure that you have a checklist that is actually manageable and that you are not trying to take on too much at one time. Having to do too much will only result in added stress, feelings of being overwhelmed, and a loss of enjoyment in the planning. This is your big day! Dont take on too much at once and wind up frustrated or, worse, end up making quick decisions that you regret later.

Again, we have a great manageable list you can check out on our website below!


Yes, a checklist must be manageable but it also MUST be detailed. Make sure you have a thorough list that covers all aspects of your wedding so nothing is forgotten. Often it helps to either use a planning book along side your own checklist to have as a guide as well as another opinion. Reviewing other examples online will also help your compile the best list specifically designed and detailed for you.