Wedding Budget Checklist

The wedding season is here, and across the country/nation and beyond, there are thousands of brides-to-be speeding madly from caterer/photographer to photographer/wedding planner from reception hall/florist to dress shop/reception hall saying they all want their special day to be special, but many times it ends up being very similar to every other wedding. One way your wedding day could be unique is adding ribbon throughout all you do, from the invitations to the cake to the decorations and bouquets and wedding favors.
The wedding cake is a focal/central point and the object of many wedding pictures/photographs and glances/looks from the guests. Why not make it stand out by adding ribbon Adding ribbon to a cake can be a bit tricky, so keep these tips in mind:
1. Choose a double-sided satin ribbon that complements the colors of your wedding.
2. Iron the ribbon to make sure it will lay flat on the cake – making sure it is completely free of wrinkles
3. Wrap the base of the cake with the ribbon, making sure the back side of the ribbon is facing the cake. Do this a few inches at a time, smoothing it down as you go.
4. Use a small dab of butter cream icing at the seam as glue to hold the ribbon in place.
If you have chosen a ribbon that is not double-sided, attach wax paper to the back of the ribbon by adhering double-sided tape to the ribbon. Trim the wax paper to keep it from showing. This backing will keep the ribbon from looking greasy. Also, make sure your cake layers with the icing are firm and cold.
Colorful ribbon as part of the wedding cake is being seen more often, and its dramatic and elegant effect will be the perfect touch to your perfect wedding day.