Wedding Checklist Pdf

Wedding Planning Budget Checklist Costs involved in the Big Day

What is your total budget

Wedding ceremony expense
Wedding reception expense

Wedding Gown (Wedding)

Shoes and accessories
Hair and make- up

Grooms Outfit (Wedding)

Tux or Suit
Shoes, and other expenses
Wedding Rings (Wedding)


How many invitations
rsvp, reception cards, etc. (Wedding)
Stamps (mailing and return stamps)
Will you have custom envelope addressing


For wedding ceremony and reception itinerary
Make your own or pay to have made

Flowers (Wedding)

Brides bouquet
Grooms boutonniere
Attendants flowers
Corsages for parents and grandparents
Flowers for wedding ceremony, pews, etc.

Decorations (Wedding)

Any additional decorations other than flowers
favors, balloons, bubbles,birdseed etc.

Decorations (Reception)

Centerpieces, flowers and balloons
Favors to give as tokens of appreciation for attending
Theme touches
Cake Table accents
Table coverings

Photographer (Wedding and Reception)

Checklist for photos and charges for each
Cards to place for guests to send photos to your email.
A photo spot at the reception for others to take family photos.

Video Recording (Wedding and Reception)

Professional video requests

Videos from family members

Transportation (Limo or Rental) (Wedding)

Rent a Limo for the day or trip to reception, or just to wedding ceremony
Rent a special car for your day.

Food Expense (Reception)

Cost to have catered per plate
Buffet and food choices
Cost for plates, cups, silverware if not provided

Drinks (Reception)

Alcohol or non alcoholic drinks
How much booze will you get or do a cash bar
Coffee and tea for older guests

Table Expenses (Reception)

If you are doing buffet yourself dont forget these. (Plates, silverware, and table and chairs, napkins)

Wedding Cake (Reception)

Is this just one large cake
Cake and cupcake choice
Cake and cookies tray

Music (Reception) DJ or Band

Will you have an MC who plays music and announces dances plus entertains

Building Expense (Reception)

Is wedding reception held separate from wedding ceremony area
What is time frame you are permitted to use building or room
Is parking enough for guests

Wedding Location

Church or a different location

Officiant Expense (Wedding)

What is typical to give your pastor or officiant

Attendant Gifts (Wedding)

Will you make something nice or buy a small gift.

Although this is not a total wedding planning budget checklist it can be a good start to let you keep track of your costs.

Keeping very close records of what is being charged is important. When you get bids, make sure they are detailed so that you know what to expect for the amount you are paying. Get everything in writing.

A do it yourself wedding will allow you to have a tighter control over you wedding planning budget checklist. No matter what you do keep a notebook with the information for each item. If a florist is giving a bid, get sample photos of what to expect. Same as wedding cake etc.

Knowing what you will get for your money will help you budget it better. Good luck on your special day. It isnt the most expensive wedding that is the most memorable so plan wisely.