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Wedding table decorations?

Any help or ideas would be appreciated, i’ve looked on google etc just wondering if any one else has any other ideas. Our colour theme is royal blue and silver, we’re thinking of going with modern bubble bowl floral center pieces with mirror plates, then i was thinking of silver scatter crystals or blue petal confetti or something…i like the idea of candles but some places are funny with open candles etc. Any other ideas to tie in with theme??

Thanks =)

I’m making my own flower decorations. I’m having a goldfish bowl vase (£5 from Dunelm or £4 from flower wholesalers) and putting callalilllies inside. You could get these vases and float the petals in the vase (a website called confettidirect has cheap coloured rose petals in all colours), you could also put some silver glitter in the water.
Or you could get some of the silver goldfish and have them in the vases and scatter rose petas in the tables.

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