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What are some cheap but cute wedding table decoration ideas?

I am on a budget, My wedding is almost exactly one month away.

I don’t have any table decorations.

Any ideas?

I thought about buying red streamers and having candles on the table.

Colors are apple red, white and silver.

Search the Dollar Tree or other dollar stores:

Red pillar candles sitting on a mirror

Red pillar candles sitting on a inexpensive silver tray

Glass vase with floating candles (make sure they are floating candles)

Any of your friends have a paper shredder? Make some red and/or silver confetti to sprinkle on your white (I’m assuming) tablecloths.

I don’t know if you’re this brave, but saw this on Martha Stewert’s wedding website. The used empty tin cans (silver) as flower holders. Fill with red flowers

(P.S. Ignore the crazy person who is adding thumbs down to all of these ideas. They may not be what you want, but at least they can get you started with coming up with something on your own. Gee…… haha)

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