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How many wedding favors should we give out?

My fiance and I have come across so many cute wedding favors. It’s really hard to pick just one. Did anyone have more than one favor for their guests to take home? Did anyone do a gift bag? I’m also curious to see what favors you gave out. Thanks!

What kinds of favors are you considering?

Your best option will be to do edible favors, they are predictable for a reason: people like them.

Everyone already has enough:

shot glasses/mugs
golf tees (especially if you don’t golf)
candles/candle holders
picture frames
drink coasters

All of which are usually personalized with the wedding anniversary of — someone else.

I have a massive collection of wedding favors in a box somewhere. There are very few I would actually use on a regular basis.

Favors that aren’t edible (or everyday useful) are often left behind at the wedding or tossed shortly after. Edible ones will be consumed.

One’s that I haven’t minded were christmas ornaments, cookie cutters, oven mits, etc. However I also bake a lot, many people do not.

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