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What should be at a 1st wedding anniversary party?

Should there be a theme or just colorful decorations of my choice? There will be a lot of people in attendance.

We wanted to give a 1st wedding anniversary party because its special to us, rather than waiting until 5, 10, or 25 years.
We froze the top of our cake too.

Well, I have never heard of a 1st year anniversary party before, which means… There are no rules, for it, so just go for it! =) Decorate however you want! You could relate it to your wedding or your first year together by displaying pics of your first year of being married, or you could go with a color theme- look up what different colors represent or what feelings they’re associated with, and go for it! I would say that the ingredients for any good party are good music, good food, plenty of drinks, and most importantly- the people you care about!

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